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Pest Control Booking - Terms and Conditions

Derby City Council offer a quality Pest Control Service for a variety of pests including rats, mice, wasps, cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs, in domestic, commercial and business premises. 

For ALL commercial treatments please ring our Contact Centre on 01332 641994 or email pest.control@derby.gov.uk and they will be able to provide you with further information and make a booking.

We reserve the right to refuse to treat a premises if a domestic booking has been made incorrectly and the premises is commercial i.e. private landlord or housing association, a commercial call out fee of £72 (£76 from 1 April 2022) will be charged. 

Next we need to explain our terms and conditions as it's important for the work we carry out and sometimes you have responsibilities as well...

  • Refunds will be given, but an administrative charge of £25 (£26 from 1 April 2022) will be deducted when...

         -   You cannot provide the required sample for some pest types, as described later during the booking

         -   Adequate preparations have not been carried out and the Pest Control Officer is unable to treat

         -   Where an active infestation cannot be found or treatment cannot legally be undertaken

         -   You cancel your appointment with less than one days' notice

  • However, no refund will be given...

         -   If the treatment and/or baiting has commenced

         -   You fail to undertake works (proofing) or adhere to the Pest Control Officers recommendations and as a result we need to stop treatment

If the Council is unable to fulfil an appointment due to reasons beyond our control and a suitable alternative appointment can't be arranged then a full refund will be offered.  Please see our website for full details of our fees and charges.  

PLEASE NOTE - during the Covid 19 Pandemic, to minimise human contact and protect our residents,  and officers we need to ask you some screening questions before we are able to visit you property or business

 Are you, or a member of your household, currently self-isolating? – if yes, do not make a booking, please contact us again after isolation period and when you feel well.

 Have you or a member of your household had any Covid 19 symptoms ?

If yes, do not make a booking, please contact us again after completing the required isolation period and when you feel well.  if we are already treating your property and you are due a revisit please contact us asap to rearrange.

Are you, or a member of your household, over the age of 70 or pregnant or is anyone in the household classed as 'clinically vulnerable’? – if yes, you need to consent to officers entering your property or business

 what to expect at the time of the treatment during Covid-19

  • Social distancing of 2 metres (or 3 steps) must be maintained with officers at all times inside or outside the property.
  • If the treatment is outside your property or business, remain inside if possible at the time of the visit(s)
  • Where rooms are too small to ensure social distancing, you may be requested to wait in another room.
  • Officers will talk to you outside of your property/business as much as possible.
  • We will minimise the time we spend in your property/business as far as possible.
  • Officers will be wearing suitable PPE and face coverings.

In order to protect our officers and the Pest Control Service, please ensure you wear a suitable face covering at all times when officers are inside your property.

Privacy notices in relation to our service can be found using the link https://www.derby.gov.uk/privacy-notice/