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NCS Booking


The Nationality Checking Service (NCS) is for people who are applying to become British citizens.


This service is for the checking and submission of paper applications only. You cannot use this service if you have already submitted your application to the Home Office online. If you book and attend an appointment in error you will not receive a refund of the checking fee.


Trained staff will check your application form to make sure it is correctly filled in and that all documents and fees are attached before the application is sent to the Home Office. We can't offer immigration advice.


1. Before booking an appointment

- Check if you can apply to become a British Citizen

- Complete form AN application to naturalise as a British citizen

- For child applications (under 18) complete form MN1 application to register child under 18 as British citizen

We do not provide you with a photocopy of your application form so make a copy before your appointment

2. What to bring

- Completed application forms for each person applying

- Original pass notification letter for evidence of Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK (KoLL) - approved qualifications

- Passports/travel documents, including previous cancelled passports

If you do not have passports or travel documents, P60's or letters from your employer, or an up to date letter confirming payment of benefits (or a combination of these)

- All certificates and documents should be originals with translation if not in English

- Each applicant needs a photograph attached to the completed referee page

- If relevant to your application you will need to provide your marriage or civil partnership certificate

3. Fees

Payment is taken when you book.

- For each Adult £70

- For each Child £50

If you don't bring along the correct or enough documentation or fail to meet the appropriate residency requirements your application cannot be submitted to the Home Office. You will still be charged the above checking fee.

4. What happens next?

Using the NCS service doesn't guarantee that your application for British Citizenship will be successful. The decision to approve your application is made by the Home Office.

The Home Office will write to you directly to advise you of the outcome of your application.

Only tick acceptance of the terms and conditions if you have understood the above, you are sure that you meet the residency qualifications, were in the country at the start of either the 3 or 5 year qualifying period, whichever applies to your personal circumstances and have not already made an online application.