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Booking Questions

The death should be registered within 5 days of its occurrence.


This may be delayed if the death has or needs to be reported to the coroner as written clearence must be received by the registrar before the registration can take place. 


If the death you need to register happened outside of the City of Derby the registrar will post the details to the relevant register office. This means that you will not receive any documents from our office - they will be sent to you in the post from the relevant register office.


For deaths in our area you will normally receive a form to allow the funeral to take place and a form BD8 to deal with any state pensions free of charge. The BD8 form may not be needed if you use our Tell Us Once service. You can buy extra certificates for a fee.


You will need to pay by debit or credit card. Cash payments can only be made at our self-service payments kiosk and this will mean queuing. For further information and details of fees use this link registering deaths information


The Tell Us Once service lets you report a death to most government and local authority departments in one go. The Registrar will provide you with a reference code, telephone number and email address to enable you to use this service.  More information about this is on the tell us once link